Well Within Reach is a happy accident, as were the 10 years that preceded it and eventually led to it. If you came across us during those years, you'll have known of us as 'Child Learning & Development Advisory Centre' (CLADAC), and may be familiar with the logo. 
There was a story behind that as well, so let's start there...

My name is Jo and around 13 years ago I was working in education and found myself leading a project using creative approaches to help a group of 11 years olds get better at reading and writing. My involvement in that completely changed the direction I thought my life was going in....
What quickly became evident was that the real problem for these children was not poor literacy. They were simply socially and emotionally ill-equipped; completely disengaged and with no self-awareness. They couldn't communicate effectively, had little motivation and generally expressed-albeit, often with very good reason-that they felt that the world was against them. Some had terrible behaviour while others were completely withdrawn. 
As they struggled to cope with primary-secondary school transition, it was no wonder that they weren't learning well. Those of us working on the programme became less concerned with literacy and more concerned with 'emotional literacy', and we focused on that instead. In the months that followed, profound changes occurred in those children; Their sense of self grew, they learned how to work cooperatively with their peers, they realised that others didn't necessarily see the world through their lens...
Only then did they start to gain any real sense of competence. With an emerging realisation that they were actually a source of power in their own lives, they started to express just a flicker of belief that they had something meaningful to aim for.
But; as is the case with all these things; when it came to proving that these changes were happening, we were a bit stuck... How do you evidence that when a kid picks a fight with another kid 3 times instead of 4, it's because he's socially and emotionally more aware and in control? More over, how do you prove that it's because you; as the adult charged with helping; did so by listening, helping the kid to organise his thoughts, to say what he felt, to help him plan for a different possible course of action?
Trying to solve this puzzle led me to a psychologist and psychotherapist called Elizabeth Morris who was doing some really interesting work around just that; developing ways to measure social and emotional competence. As I continued to work with Elizabeth, who became Liz, I began to learn A LOT more... to appreciate the enormous implications that children's social and emotional wellbeing and the impacts this had; on their immediate outcomes, their journeys towards and into adulthood, and potentially their whole lives. 

In 2010 Liz & I established 'Child Learning & Development Advisory Centre' (or CLADAC); initially to provide training for professionals supporting children's development.
Our particular specialism was explaining the mysteries and magic of the brain; how it is shaped by experience; and how this helps to explain the often-challenging issues around learning, behaviour, wellbeing, resilience, self-esteem and wellbeing.
Over the last few years; especially with a growing national awareness about poor mental health in children; agencies have increasingly approached us for more diverse and personalised input to help the vulnerable young people that they support, and the adults that-without adequate support- they would, or have already, become.
Consquently, CLADAC eventually expanded well beyond our original purpose; developing consultancy and evaluation services, creative learning resources, and support for agencies supporting adults as well as children. During this time Liz also spent less and less time in the UK, eventually moving to South Africa and only being involved in CLADAC remotely.
And so; with requests to develop new services, such as info to help alleviate parents of their greatest worries; it was time to re-think who we are, what we do and what we're called. And ‘Well Within Reach’ was born! 
With input from specialist practitioners (more on our Meet the Team page) Well Within Reach now provides training for both the young people's and adult workforceconference talksinfo for parentsconsultancy & evaluation support and learning resources to creatively teach young people about their most important job; nurturing their own wellbeing.
Essentially we share fundamental, transformational knowledge; packaged in accessible, easy-to-understand language; that is relevant, practical and immediately actionable, helping you to support the children and adults in your lives-to learn well, to do well and to 'be' well.