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Well Within Reach is New!!!

Well Within Reach is new, but not all of our services are. Previously we were 'Child Learning and Development Advisory Centre', or CLADAC, so if that's who you're looking for, you're in the right place! Well Within Reach offers everything that we did as CLADAC (and a few new services besides)...

However, having evolved somewhat since our inception 8 years ago, we've decided to re-brand with a more fitting name that reflects our wider emphasis on 'learning, doing and being well'. Everything you need to know is on our new website; have a look around, or go to About Well Within Reach
for an overview of our services, or our 'Current Projects' page, which tells you about a few of the things we're up to at the minute.
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“Power of Parenting”; Essential Info Sessions for Parents

In recent years, we’ve increasingly been approached by parents expressing all sorts of concerns around their children; declining engagement, mental-health, challenging behaviour, defeatist attitudes, school anxiety... the list goes on...
We've already teamed up with some of our partners to deliver sessions for parents but; in response to the many issues parents share with is directly;
we've embarked on a new venture; Informative, responsive, actionable sessions for parents.
We don’t tell parents ‘what to do’ or ‘how to parent’ but; by sharing the most up-to-date, practical information; we equip parents with the tools and knowledge to better understand their children’s learning, behaviours & attitudes, and respond in the most effective, guilt-free and stress-free ways.
We’ve designed four sessions initially, all in response to the common concerns such as starting school, educational expectations, resilience,
maintaining children's natural curiosity, adolescence and the impacts of the over-exposure to screens.
For details of our next sessions, visit our ‘Coming Up’ page or connect with our Facebook page and Facebook group.

We plan to expand this programme and so please share your most pressing questions & concerns, so we can develop the most relevant, useful info here...