“The workshop helped me to understand how my child’s brain was functioning and gave me
the tools to approach a parenting issue I’d been dealing with ineffectively for many months.
I made simple adjustments and within 48 hours there was a big difference in my child’s behaviour.”

(Parent Attendee of “Unleashing the Power of the Young Brain”)

“Empowered Parenting” Sessions

Accessible Easy-to-Understand Sessions Designed Just for Parents


“Thriving or Surviving; The Power of the ‘Good Enough’ Parent”
Federation Club, Claremont Raod, Carrington, Nottingham, NG5 1BH; 4th April, 8-9.30pm

We all want our kids to thrive but; with our children experiencing more stressors and stimulation than ever; there is no magic formula to ‘good parenting’; Do we protect their happiness at all costs, or teach them to deal with whatever challenges come their way?
The answer is closer than you think, and lies in understanding the extraordinary power of their brains. This session explains why ‘doing well’ in life does have to cost your child's happiness and, in fact, why prioritising ‘being well’ enables everything else to fall into place.
Designed for parents of primary aged children, this easy-to-understand workshop shares essential knowledge and practical ideas & techniques
which empower you to nurture resilient children without compromising their fun, joy and pleasure. Not only will you fee support your kid’s self-belief that-in spite of learning expectations etc.-they are ‘good enough’, you will also feel more self-assured and informed about the importance of being a
‘good enough’ parent yourself.
LIMITED TICKETS, PLEASE BOOK EARLY! £14.50 or £49 for a group of 4.
THE BAR WILL BE OPEN! Enjoy a glass of wine (or soft drink) at this informal but informative event, with time to mingle and relax afterwards if you wish.
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“The Brain Behind Behaviour; The Power of the ‘Connect Parent’…”
Upstairs at Copper, Central Avenue, West Bridgford, Nottingham; 8-.30pm

Do you vow to stop shouting at our kids but find the frustration too much to bear? How many of us want to master behaviour with fewer threats,
manage screen-time with less bribery, and generally experience less guilt & stress that come with 21st century parenting?
The good news is; you CAN!
The solution lies in knowing how their brains work, and this workshop; for parents of 3-8 year olds; explains the simple but essential science which
helps to make perfect sense of how and why our children behave in the ways they do.
Introducing easy-to-use ideas and techniques, this session will enable you to navigate behaviour more confidently- without comparing your child with everyone else's- and respond to the daily dramas with fewer conditions and more compassion. Ultimately you will be better informed about how to re-connect with your child by nurturing-rather than managing-your relationship with them

LIMITED TICKETS; PLEASE BOOK EARLY! £19.50 each of £65 for a group of 4.
THE BAR WILL BE OPEN so you can enjoy a glass of wine, coffee or soft drink while you join us for this informal but informative event.
Time to mingle and chat afterwards. Don’t forget to join our ‘Empowered Parenting’ Facebook group.


"I got a lot out of your session. It was easy to understand, yet as the same time
thought-provoking and very powerful in terms of content."

(Parent Attendee of ‘Supporting the Fragile Child’)