"I got a lot out of your session. It was easy to understand, yet as the same time
thought-provoking and very powerful in terms of content."

(Parent Attendee of ‘Supporting the Fragile Child’)


“ The Turbulent Brain; Riding the Storm of Adolescence”
Grandstand Community Centre Lincoln; 10am-3pm, 18th March 2019

Understanding how children’s brains grow and develop helps to explain A LOT; especially around the chaotic teen years,
which can destabilise even the most settled young people. Modern neuroscientific research is rapidly developing our understanding of why they behave so strangely during adolescence, and this 2.5 hour session; delivered as part of Lincolnshire Children and Young People’s Voluntary Sector Forum (CYPVSF) annual event; explains the fundamental changes which take place in the developing and adolescent brain, helping to make sense of how young people learn and engage, and explaining the very normal; but often troubling; behaviours and attitudes that come with adolescence.

In spite of this very fragile window of time, this developing brain is actually a power-house for learning as it literally reconfigures itself for life in the adult world, and this session; designed for professionals working across the CYP sector; ultimately explains how you can most effectively support young people-and yourself!-through the turbulent transition into adulthood.
Free for members, £20 for non-members. For click here for more details and to book.


“Wired with Play to Stay; The Hidden Power of the 'Playful’ Brain“
Dawn House School, Rainworth, Nottinghamshire; 10am-1pm, 23rd March 2019

This session has designed for anyone whose personal or professional life brings them into contact with children and young people of any age.
There is growing concern about the diminishing opportunities for our young people to play, and the impact this is having on their learning,
social and emotional health; Increasingly, play deprivation is being linked to depression and we are now able to explain why.
Recent neuroscientific research is showing us that; not only are we born with whole structures in our brains dedicated to play,
but that these are active throughout our whole lives, meaning we are never ‘too old’ to play!
Play is fun but; contrary to what we may believe about play ‘getting in the way’ of learning, play is actually an essential to learning!
This illuminating session will help you to understand how the human brain is wired to play; from birth throughout childhood, adolescence and life;
and why-when denied the opportunity to respond to this primitive urge-many children & adolescents go on to have problems with their learning,
social wellbeing and mental ill-health.
What ever the age of the young people you live or work with, we will explain how to tap into the 'playful brain' to turbo-charge learning power, strengthen sensory processing, generate healthy biochemistry in the brain and body, and to support all round mental health.

£25 including refreshments. Click here for more details and to book.

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“Empowered Parenting”; Essential, informative, accessible sessions for parents

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“The workshop helped me to understand how my child’s brain was functioning
and gave me the tools to approach a parenting issue I’d been dealing with
ineffectively for many months.
I made simple adjustments and within 48 hours there was a big difference in my child’s behaviour.”

Parent Attendee of “Unleashing the Power of the Young Brain”