“The workshop helped me to understand how my child’s brain was functioning and gave me
the tools to approach a parenting issue I’d been dealing with ineffectively for many months.
I made simple adjustments and within 48 hours there was a big difference in my child’s behaviour.”

(Attendee of “The Brain Behind Behaviour; The Power of The Connected Parent”)

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The ‘Change-Ready’ Child; Nurturing Strength, Growth and Resilience”
Upstairs at Copper Cafe, West Bridgford, Nottingham , NG2 5GQ
18th September, 8-9.30pm

From early life, our kids encounter all kinds of changes. Events such as parental separation or bereavement can have an obvious impact,
but those transitions which some children meet with excitement; a new sibling, school or class, for example; actually cause many kids-and consequently their parents-a great deal of fear and anxiety.
Whatever the change, our children’s capacity to adapt ultimately relies on one thing; The formation of new pathways in their brains.
Whether it is evident from their behaviours or not; without these neural connections; even changes which our kids don’t feel are particularly
significant can in fact be very challenging, because they simply aren’t equipped to adjust.
The good news is that young brains have an extraordinary ability to ‘rewire’. However, this process is profoundly impacted by the environment,
and so parents play a huge part. It is easy when you know how and; providing essential information & practical tools; this easy-to-understand session simply explains how you can support emotional strength and resilience ‘from the inside out’.
Ultimately, you will learn how to nurture a brain that doesn’t just survive, but can thrive in changing circumstances.

£20 p.p, £35 for a double ticket. LIMITED PLACES, BOOK NOW.


“The Untapped Potential of the Adolescent Brain”
The Studio 7 Cannon St, Birmingham, B2 5EP
20th September, 9.45am - 3.45pm

Adolescence can be a chaotic time-even for the most stable young people-but modern neuroscientific research is rapidly developing our understanding
of why the brain behaves so strangely during this time. Much of our work with adolescents can be focused on dealing with the typical attitudes
& behaviours of adolescence but the adolescent brain is actually a powerhouse for learning as it re-configures itself for life in the adult world.

Delivered in partnership with Course Beetle, this session is relevant to all professionals working with young people from 11 to the mid-twenties, and focuses on the neurological changes which take place during this time. Full of fascinating insights, the course explains the fundamental changes which take place in the adolescent brain, helping us to make sense of many of the associated problems; disengagement; apathy; erratic, impulsive behaviour; bad choices; poor mental health and damaging peer relationships; particularly for those children who already have some kind of compromise or additional need. Ultimately, this session explains how you can most effectively support young people through the turbulent transition into adulthood.
£120 per person, group discounts available. For more info and to book, click here.


Brain Development Seminars with ‘Parenting Additional Needs’
Ashover Parish Hall, Milken Lane, Ashover, Derbyshire, S45 0BA
23rd September, 9:30 am – 3 pm

We’ll be delivering two seminars aimed at parents of children will additional needs at this event ran by Derbyshire Parenting Additional Needs.
The morning session will focus on understanding brain development in children with SEND and approaches you can take to 'strengthen their strengths' rather than focus on their deficits. The afternoon session will follow on, with an emphasis on the impacts of stress and anxiety and its effects on the brain's biochemistry and the nervous system. Tickets £10-£20. Click here for more info and to book.


"I got a lot out of your session. It was easy to understand,
yet as the same time thought-provoking and
very powerful in terms of content."

(‘Supporting the Vulnerable Child’ Trainee)