"I got a lot out of your session. It was easy to understand, yet as the same time
thought-provoking and very powerful in terms of content."

(Parent Attendee of ‘Supporting the Fragile Child’)


‘Riding the Storm of Adolescence’; Session for Parents
Alderwasley Hall School, Wirksworth, Derbyshire; 11am-1pm, 8th Feb 2019

We’ve trained all 180 staff at Alderwasley Hall School in the ‘adolescent brain’, and they’ve consequently organised this event to
share this kind of information, not only with parents of their own students, but parents more broadly.
Many parents are increasingly concerned about how fast 21st Century children are growing up compared to just a few years ago,
and the impact this is having on their wellbeing, learning capacity and overall healthy development, and so this session will explain how the brain is shaped according to the environment it finds itself in, and offers insights into the different stages of brain development which take place at different points in childhood. Armed with this essential knowledge, you'll learn how you can most effectively support children's learning and personal growth-even for those young people who have some kid of compromise like ASD-as they navigate the challenges of being young; at school, through social media, peer pressure etc. We’ll explain why what you’re doing already works and give you a few more tools to strengthen the power of your parenting. Ultimately you'll learn how to tap into the extraordinary strength of the young brain, nurturing your young people's ability to learn well, live well and ‘be’ well.

£15 for non-Alderwasley Hall parents, including refreshments. Limited places available. Call the school office on 01629 822586 to book your place.

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