“The immediate response concerning your address was extremely positive.
I think that people engaged really well; not only with your material and the liveliness of
your speech (learning better through doing rather than listening);

but also with you.
You made something that’s incredibly complex accessible and understandable”

Jo Stockdale with Katie Koehler from Child Bereavement UK and Margot Sunderland from the Centre for Child Mental Health,
all speaking at Children’s Bereavement Centre’s annual conference ‘Children’s Grief Matters’ on 21st Nov 2018.

We've got a lot going on! Our current and recent partnerships include Keyham Lodge SEMH (Social, Emotional & Mental Health) School,
Professional Association of Teachers of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties (
PATOSS), The PLACE Young People’s Company, Notts County Council Fostering Service and many more. Below are a few examples of just some of the work we're currently-or have recently been-involved with.
If you want to know more about any of these programmes, just
contact us, or sign up for updates about what we're up to, and what's coming up.


Derbyshire County Council Young Mums Group

Through the ‘Amber Factory’, Derbyshire County Council’s provides education for young people who are in-or are transitioning from-the care system.
As part of their ‘Creative Mentoring’ programme, we’re working with a small group of care-leavers who are now young mums themselves, and through a range of practical activities and facilitated discussions, they are creatively exploring what it means for them to be parents in a safe space. By using creative ‘out-of-the-box’ approaches, these young women are learning about early brain development in ways which are
building their knowledge, skills and confidence; to nurture their children’s cognitive, social & emotional growth; to strengthen their relationships
with them; and to essentially take their kids on a different journey through childhood than that which they experienced themselves.


‘Empowered Parenting’, Nottinghamshire

This is a recent venture we’ve developed in response to the huge number of parents who have spoken to us in recent years about how, as parents,
they can use the information and knowledge that we share; from before baby is born to the turbulent adolescent years.
In particular, many parents express how powerless they feel in supporting their child at key points in the journey of childhood,
and the struggles they experience with issues such as school expectations, behaviour, mental health etc.
We launched Empowered Parenting in Nov 2018; introducing easy-to-understand info & essential knowledge to support parents with some of their greatest concerns and worries. Click here for info on our forthcoming sessions.
Don’t forget to join our Empowered Parenting Facebook group and sign up to our mailing list to ensure you’re the first to know what’s coming up!

I CAN Children’s Communication Charity, Nottinghamshire

Dawn House School is one of only two schools in the UK which are led by I CAN; a charity specialising in young people with speech, language and communication difficulties. We've had an ongoing partnership with them since 2016; leading training for their staff team, parents, and a wider network of specialist professionals; and presenting at their annual Parent Conference; read more on I CAN’s website here.
We also co-deliver training programmes with Dawn House therapies team and are currently developing a directory of sessions which will enable us to offer our combined training specialisms to a range of organisations and agencies working with children and young people.

‘Mind the Music’ with Community Music, London

Led by Community Music in London, 'Mind the Music’ is a 3 year programme which uses music-making activities to engage young people with a range
of mental health issues; from low-level anxiety to those accessing acute Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) residential care.
We've delivered a training programme for their staff team and freelance practitioners, and are currently evaluating the programme.
Read about our involvement in 'Mind the Music' here.

Courage 1.jpg

'Fire & Wire', East Midlands

In 2017, we began working as part of consortium partnership with the National Youth Agency, Platform Thirty1 and Applied Psychologies,
designing a programme called ‘Fire & Wire’ as part of an application for a £1.8 million grant released by Spirit of 2012 and #IWill,
in response to the growing concern around girl's mental health nationally, combined with the centenary of women’s suffrage.
From a total of 20 applications, Fire & Wire was one of only two finalists eventually shortlisted to receive a development grant, which we used
to help groups of girls in ex-coalfield areas to explore how their brains work through ‘Chimp Paradox’ theory, using activities such as Forum Theatre.
Although Fire & Wire sadly did not win the final award, the partnership is currently in discussions with various funders, working towards our ambition
to reach more young people directly and develop subsequent training resources, which we'll then use to train youth practitioners across the UK.

Recent Projects

‘Wishing Well’ Music in Healthcare, Brighton

Since 2017 we've been involved in Music in Healthcare programme ‘Wishing Well’, which brings live musical interactions to bedsides at the Alexandra Children’s Hospital’s Critical Care unit in Brighton. Primarily we've been helping to evaluate the programme's impacts for children who cannot reliably communicate; you can find out more on our Evaluation and Consultancy page, or click here to access the public version of our evaluation report.

Children’s Bereavement Centre, Nottinghamshire

We presented at the Children’s Bereavement Centre’s conference 'Children's Grief Matters' in Newark in November 2018,
alongside Dr Margot Sunderland from the Centre for Children’s Mental Health, and Dr Katie Koehler from Child Bereavement UK.
Our keynote speech addressed how separation and loss can affect children’s brains, and how the adults around these children can
use their relationships with them to support children’s grief most effectively during this fragile time.


Alderwasley Hall School, Derbyshire

In 2018 we delivered training on the ‘adolescent brain’ for 180 staff at Alderwasley Hall, a school which works with autistic children and young people across Derbyshire. We then shared this information with parents and a staff from wider network of schools and support services at an event in February 2019; providing insight into the different stages of brain development, and explaining the neurology of conditions such as ASD.