"Brilliant public speaker!
Answered questions along the way, made everything easy to understand.
I felt visible and included".

Because not everyone wants or needs training, we also offer workshops, presentations, talks and keynote speeches to introduce our specialist subjects at conferences and events across the UK; In recent times, we’ve presented for Sound Connections Early Years Network, National Association of Health Play Specialists, TMC and the Children’s Communication Charity I CAN.
We can provide a keynote to open your event, a single or selection of workshops, and thought-provoking presentations, with facilitated discussion or Q&A if needed. 
These are designed around the specific needs and expectations of your audience, so; whether you
want to engage your delegates in an eye-opening topic, introduce a different perspective or
create a stimulating talking point; have a look at our training pages below for more detail
about the illuminating subjects that we can introduce. 
Just call us or send us a message to find out more or to have a chat with us about what you need.



What Our Partners Say

Use the below links to connect to our partner's websites and social media to read about their experience
of our training, workshops and talks;

Early Years & Adolescent Brain

Supporting the Vulnerable Brain

The Therapeutic Impacts of Creativity

Various training sessions and conference talks

How Much Do presentations, Talks & workshops Cost?

Our prices vary according to length of presentation, number of delegates, planning time, travel and resources required etc., but the below offers a transparent guide to our prices to our presentations, talks and workshops. We do our best to be flexible according to your needs and resources, including discounts for multiple bookings, so please contact us to chat your needs through with us.
All prices include electronic copies of your presentation and any other resources used as part of your session. VAT does not apply.

  • Up to 2 hours; £300-£500

  • Full day (up to 7 hours) £600-£1200