“This amazing session gave us insight and tools to help us support our families who experience
HUGE changes. We learned the importance of giving meaningful Hello's and Goodbyes - particularly important to support our children's transition. It is s

uch an interesting topic…”

EDAN (Ending Domestic Abuse Now) Lincolnshire, whose Children’s Team attended our session; “Change-Ready Brain; Nurturing Strength & Resilience”


It’s not rocket science to know that; whether children
or adults; people who are emotionally well and
socially competent have a more positive influence
over their own outcomes than those who don’t. 
They are the leaders of their own learning, the CEO's of their emotions and the beholders of sound self-esteem and resilience. Ultimately, they are well equipped to navigate and direct their own journeys towards adulthood and throughout life; to create strong social bonds
and to lead rich, fulfilling lives. 
Who doesn’t want that?



Our service-users frequently describe what we do as 'insightful', 'enlightening' and 'illuminating' but; as the fields of neuroscience, social and psychological research progress
at a rapid rate; our first aim must be to KEEP LEARNING. Our second aim is to then
KEEP SHARING whatever we know and learn with whoever it may help.
We do not have a vision to change lives, but to change how people look at them.
So often, the possibility of meaningful and lasting change is just beneath the surface but,
without knowledge, this change is beyond our reach... We are literally in the dark’
Simply by sharpening the lens, we aim to create small shifts in thinking; enabling you to see that change is not just about 'what we put in', but about uptapping the innate power that we already possess. With this, we can make a transformational difference to the children and adults in our lives; unearthing their extraordinary capacity- to learn well, to do well and to ‘be’ well.



How many of us feel like we're managing a symptom, but not the underlying cause? How many of us expend so much energy dealing with issues
around engagement, behaviour, attitudes and wellbeing etc.; that we seldom have the resources to even understand the roots of these difficulties?
At Well Within Reach, we know quite a bit about how people learn, think and behave, and are familiar with the common obstacles that both
professionals and parents are often faced with; the seemingly endless variations of “can’t”, “don’t” and “won’t”...

Whether you're a professional, parent, or just on your own learning journey, our job is to help you to understand how to unlock cognitive, social and emotional strength at any point in life. With a particular specialism in unearthing the secrets of the brain, we help make sense of why many children
and adults experience difficulties in many aspects of their lives; learning, social integration, relationships and resilience; to name but a few.
Explaining how we are all shaped by our experiences, we provide essential, easy-to-understand information and practical tools to show you how;
even in challenging circumstances; you can most effectively utilise whatever resources you have to nurture the
development of the children and adults you live and work with, ‘from the inside out’.


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We are based in the East Midlands but deliver our services with a diverse range of agencies across the country.
We work across multiple sectors; education, social & mental health care, family intervention, offending services
and many more; and with all sizes of organisations; from the large-scale strategic to the small community-based.
Our recent and current partnerships extend across the East and West Midlands, East Anglia, London and the South West,
and include the National Youth Agency, Children’s Bereavement Centre, Entrust Education Service and Children’s Links.
We also specialise in supporting the creative workforce and these partnerships include Wishing Well Music in Healthcare, Platform Thirty1, Pedestrian, Our Future City and Community Music London.

Learn more about our partnership work on our Current Projects page.